Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Friends in Low Places

The weekend of September 19, I had the privilege of meeting up with two of my college roommates, and favorite women of all time :), for a nice girls' weekend in Fredericksburg, TX.

Going in to this weekend, we all were aware that Carolee was about 18 weeks pregnant, but I surprised them with the news that I was 8 weeks pregnant myself.  Melia couldn't believe that we had "punked" her into spending the weekend in Fredericksburg with two pregos...and nobody to drink wine with her. ;)

I took my camera and never used it, so you'll just have to enjoy pics from my phone.

When you have a girls weekend, it is perfectly acceptable for your friends to do your hair.

Some cabinetry made from antique glass by a lovely old gentleman in Kerrville.  I want some.

We ended up in town for Trade Days, in addition to the normal shopping experience.  So we shopped til we dropped.

And we ate.  A lot.

Wood fired pizza.  A little ash never hurt anyone.

Not me, apparently.

Oh yes, we did. Deep fried Oreos.

She'll hate me for this, but come on.  Root beer and a pickle.

I love these ladies.  Can't wait to do it again.  Props to our awesome husbands for the weekend of Dad Duty.  And, if you've never been to Fredericksburg, it's a must!  I'll even say that Carolee and I did pretty well dragging ourselves about, fatigue and nausea and all!

He's Got An Announcement to Make!

I'm a little slow in posting about this...and am clearly not going to blog as meticulously as I did throughout my pregnancy with Noah ;) ... but, SURPRISE!

Baby Barclay #2 is due June 1, 2013!

Noah is very proud. :)
Let me tell you: Old Reliable.  I discovered this little stowaway at exactly 3 weeks and 4 days gestation!

Rushed out to buy this, and some prenatal vitamins, and put together a special little goody bag to share with Jeremy that evening.  Daddy is super excited.

I think this face might be a more accurate portrayal of what he will be feeling. ;)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just a Silly Boy

The Bluest Skies in Texas

Well, not exactly blue, but stunning nonetheless.
Sunrise from my back porch.

Noah was really excited to see his first live rainbow.  To top it all off, it  was a double, which you can barely see in the photo.  We talked about the original Noah, who saw the original rainbow, and God's promise. :)

Trash to Treasures

After what seemed like forever, my refinishing projects are finally complete!  And I really can't take credit, since my dad did most of the work in one weekend. ;)

This is an old stool I inherited from my great-aunt Dopey (Addie).   I logged many hours  playing on this stool as a kid, and am now so glad to have this solid wood momento that comes in handy everyday in my kitchen.

Magazine rack I picked up after driving past a garage sale.  I thought it would be a great solution to the stack of bedtime stories piling up in Noah's room.

Picked this up at the same garage sale, envisioning it being a great solution to store extra books in the playroom.
 The finished products!

Dopey would have insisted it was gorgeous just the way it was ;), but I am very pleased with my kitchen-complimenting new piece.

Thanks, Dad! I love them all.  Can't wait to get Noah's new big boy room finished up so I can post pics of that too.

A Worm of a Tale

My parents visited us the weekend of September 8th for a follow-up appointment with my moms hip doctor.  She caught this pic of Noah coming off the bus, and then the rest of the weekend was all horntail worms and refinishing furniture. :)

I am including so many pictures of the "caterpillar" (vegetable plant sucking little evil vermin) mostly because of Noah's obvious love for them and some because I just thought the pic was cool. :)

What is it about kids that makes them just love the creepy-crawly things?  My mother wouldn't let Noah even come near her with it.  And, yes, they do bite.  But it's pretty mild and Noah didn't seem phased by it at all.  I'm pretty sure he'd sleep with one if we let him.  And the pointy needle on their tail is all for show.  This charming little creature can devour an entire pepper plant in one sitting.  I am not a fan.