Monday, May 31, 2010

A Fun Weekend...

...whether he's sick or not!

A cheap plastic pool provides some easy entertainment.
Bite that ball!

Nice teeth shot here.

It's a little cooler than my bath!

Saggy bottoms!

A good belly laugh in the ball pit.

We finally converted the old exersaucer into the walker toy. Good for a one-way trip anyway!

Just a little pool time.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Washington DC

We visited Washington, DC on May 22, 2010. What a cool city! We found a reasonably priced, massive suite to stay in in Arlington, VA for the weekend. This was about a 4 hour drive for us. Seeing all the monuments and memorials and general historical stuff made me feel both proud and respectful. Not necessarily proud of what the country is today, but proud of what got us here anyway. :)

Noah did pretty well with the traveling and all the sightseeing, only getting impatient with us when he was really tired. It's funny how adaptable he is in terms of visiting new places and enjoying the changes but how totally unadaptable (is that a word?) he is about sleeping well enough in any place unfamiliar. But I guess he has been that way all along.

Let the walking begin! And strolling. Lots of walking and strolling.

Watch me climb this, Mom.

Run, Forrest, Run! (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Glad to cross DC off my list of places to see!

We have some walking taking place now! A few nights ago Jeremy observed him take 3 or 4 steps all on his own and he has repeated this remarkable feat a few times since then. He is standing for longer periods of time too. We also gave up the morning nap last week, which was helpful while touring DC. Well, sort of. He refused to take the nap one morning, so I gave up after all my rearranging of the schedule to try to hold on to it. Lately, the morning nap seemed to be the cause of disturbing all his other sleep, so I thought I'd try dropping it. But since being sick, he has picked it back up again. Hopefully we'll get him all sorted out after he feels better and he'll start getting closer to a "normal" amount of zzz's each day.

I took him to the FNP on Tuesday suespecting that the ear infection had returned and it had. Same old left ear. The FNP also thinks his molars are making their way in too. Wow! He doesn't even have all of his front teeth yet. So the poor guy has had some serious teething, ear infection, fever, coughing, and another great snotty nose to deal with. What a champ. We are on technically our 5th round of antibiotics (3rd kind) after 2 trips to the doctor to this week!
So Happy Memorial Day weekend and Welcome Summer! Thank you to all those who served and died making our lives today possible.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have a Ball!

We finally got the new ball pit set up. It only needs about 300 more balls or so, but you get the idea! The first time we put Noah in, he was scared and cried. Now he is getting used to the idea. :) Thanks, Pop, for the fun birthday present!

Have a great weekend everyone; it's off to Washington, DC for the Barclays!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day & Springtime

This was the best I could get out of him! I took pictures with a balloon that came in a yummy little bouquet from our friends who joined us for Mother's Day lunch. Keith and Marissa will be celebrating Mother's Day themselves next year. :)

Mother's Day was very nice. Jeremy let me sleep in and made his famous fried chicken for lunch! I seem to have made a Mother's Day tradition out of requesting he make that for me. He and Noah got a sweet card for me, plus a purse from one of our local shops that I have been eyeing since we moved here. And a pretty necklace. Mother's Day is a nice deal! I even had fun shopping for pottery for our moms from our local downtown shops one day.

I can't tell you how A-MAY-ZING spring has been here! Heehee. After the terrible winter, all the trees and shrubs went crazy! I have never seen so many blooms and they occur in stages, so that once the first set of blooms is finished, another set begins. They might not have bluebonnets here, but WV does it up right.

I haven't taken nearly enough pictures but here are a few:

Tree in front of my house that I hated all winter and wanted to remove!

Blossoms from my rhododendron.

Some wildflowers I picked off the side of the road and an iris from nearby.

Hope your Mom's Day was beautiful!

Master Bed & Bath

Yes, the walls are a grayish-purple and I like how they turned out!

Friday, May 14, 2010

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy...

I completely forgot to post about the other new addition to our home:

Oh, yes. The hubby bought a John Deere riding lawn mower. Because we soooo needed the green and gold name brand. Oh, well. Maybe he'll take me for a ride on his big, green tractor! Heehee...

*Special thanks to Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean for inspiring the comedic material for this post.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Living Room

I picked up all the baby toys and baby-proofing contraptions today while Noah was gone so I could take these pictures finally! We didn't make any changes to this room other than re-painting the beige walls with our new shade of beige. We kept the eggplant color around the fireplace because it ties in with the granite in the kitchen. In fact this is the view of the living room from the kitchen, since it is all one wide open space. This is the room most used in the house!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Vampire

So what do you do with a biting baby, exactly? He is leaving bruises and teeth marks on the occasion when he is able to get a good grip. Sneak attacks are his specialty. Spanking the hand has made him cry a couple of times for a few seconds, but has not helped anything. I should mention that I am the only one he bites, so you do not need to update your tetanus before seeing Noah again.

Between the biting, temper tantrums, whining, illnesses, and terrible naps as of late, this mom is a little short on patience and needs a vacation! Here is a reminder that he really does have his cute moments.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The New and Improved Kitchen

Check back here to see a photo of the old kitchen. Definitely the most transformed room of the house.

I think it's my favorite part of the house!

Monday, May 3, 2010

MayDay, MayDay!

Oh thank goodness, May arrived this weekend! She brought more of those summer-like temperatures with her, and I am taking advantage! It's so weird that we still need heaters and blanket sleepers during some of our spring nights around here.

For more than one reason, I am excited to get the all-clear signal saying we don't have to worry about those overnight frosts and freezes anymore: I intend to become a gardening extraordinaire. :) Last week I bought rosemary and some supplies at a local nursery and was referred to the local farmers market in downtown Lewisburg to buy my vegetables. On Saturday morning, the three of us trooped downtown to buy more. The farmers market was neat but quite the hippie gathering. I'm pretty sure some of the merchants also grow a little extra green on the side, if ya know what I mean. Anyway, I bought parsley and cilantro, and 12 little broccoli seedlings. I guess I am going to have one whole bed devoted to broccoli since I didn't realize how much space they would take after I needed to spread them out. I'm pretty sure I have some surprise strawberry plants popping up out there too! I can't wait until I can plant tomatoes, peppers, squash, and some other things. Probably end of the month they say. Also at the FM, I bought the biggest pieces of asparagus I have ever seen! Can't wait to try them. I wanted to buy some of the plants as well, but they take two years before they really produce anything for you, and that kind of timeframe doesn't work well for Barclays, who have trouble staying in one place long enough to make it worth it!
This is the first half of my broccoli.

Here is my collection of herbs, along with my kind of sad snapdragons. Hopefully they will better with some fresh dirt and a pretty new pot. :)

There is something so soothing to me about re-potting plants. Not sure what it is.

Jeremy continued the never-ending babyproofing projects. And a little someone got to have some fun too! Here is Noah with his new swing that Mamaw and Papaw got him for his birthday. Daddy finally was able to rig it in a tree in the backyard. Although it swings a bit crooked, Noah doesn't know the difference. :)

In other news, we are officially bottle-free as of last week! I was a little sentimental about giving him the last one but he has not seemed to miss it at all. We are pretty lucky with him in that regard; he does not really attach to objects. He has toys that are his favorites, will always take a pacifier if offered, but does not get upset if we take things away. In fact, Noah loves to take out his paci when I tell him, "Throw it back!" and toss it into his crib. (We only use pacifiers for sleeptime now.) I have three rubber spout cups that he uses, two different kinds now. Progress!

We tend to be seriously lazy on our weekends at home, mostly laying on the couch and watching TV or taking naps while Noah naps. I think we're both drained after the work week. I am determined to get more energy and get more done! The weeding that needs to be done is outrageous. Of course, Jeremy has to work late every night this week, so more energy may not happen yet!

Have a great one!