Sunday, March 20, 2011

Loads of Catching Up!

After 2 weeks off, the blogging is starting to really pile up around here! I don't have all of our pics from the cruise yet (ahem :), so I'll post about that later. To sum it up, the cruise was an absolute blast, we can't wait to go again, but are happy to be back with our favorite little boy. The following week was Spring Break, so I took Noah to visit my parents in Paris, and swung by my aunt Patti's on the way home. We also stopped by to meet Baby Beau at the Chamblees!

For now, I'll post pictures from this weekend, which was the end of spring break, and some much needed family time at home! Mandi and Sophia came down on Saturday to spend the night. She never made it to South by Southwest, as planned, and Jeremy and I never made it to Cirque du Soleil, but we all had a good time anyway.

These kids got pretty dirty playing in the backyard after dinner, so a cousin bubble bath was necessary.

Sunday morning we headed out to explore downtown Austin and all its hippie wonder.


Dessert from Sugar Mama's :)

She thought they were pretty good.

By the way, we closed on the sale of our West Virginia house this week and are so thankful! Couldn't remember if I posted about that or not. Eventually, I'll get the 1000 pics from the cruise and visit to my parents' posted! Busy week ahead!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Evening Silliness

OK, just one more. Then I'm out. For real.

Our evenings are sometimes full of general silliness such as this. Sorry for the poor lighting.


The Barclays on the move! All of us. In all directions.

Well, our branch of the family is not literally moving again. (No way!) But, Jeremy and I are leaving on our big cruise in just a few days! We will leave on the 5th, pick up the Nutts at the Houston airport, drive to Galveston, spend the night, and board the ship on the 6th. From there, we cruise to Cozumel, Roatan Honduras, and Belize City, returning to Galveston on the 13th. We are so excited. And so ready for a vacation. Other than our short trip to New York, we have not had a real vacation since the BBC (Birthday Bash Cruise) of August '08. You may remember that as the time we got on the boat and found out I was pregnant. Not this time, buddy! Jeremy affectionately coined "KAH" for the name of this cruise (Kids at Home). It's kind of funny, right after we got home from the BBC trip, I headed over to meet Jake & Mallory Chamblee for the first time. This trip, I will just miss the arrival of little Beau Chamblee on the 10th. Funny timing, Alli!

Debbie will be staying at our house with Noah. All by herself. Poor Mamaw. But for a good reason! Terry got a job! We are thrilled for them. However, the job is moving them to Fort Smith, Arkansas. A long drive from us. Although, I am grateful its not Milwaukee, which was the other option, we praise the Lord for this gift! Jeremy's sister, Mandi, also has some new job opportunities in the works and we praying that the closer opportunity is the one intended for her! :)

I am a little anxious about leaving Noah for 8 days. That's the longest amount of time ever! I am going to miss him. And I'm a little concerned as to what the fallout may be when we get back. Not sure if he's going to be angry at us for ditching him for so long. But we'll all be just fine I am sure! Please send up a prayer for our health, safety, and relaxation if you get a chance! I am also a little concerned about my motion sickness, which only seems to be worse since being pregnant. (How does that happen?) So I am packing lots of Dramamine! Jeremy immediately stated that "we all" need to make "pact" not to hold each other back if one gets sick. (I'm sure Stacie & Brian have not heard that we need such an agreement. In other words, Amy, don't screw up my vacation.)

Anyway, we are very excited and many plans are in the works! We are prepared for snorkeling, snuba, zipline, shopping, beautiful beaches, LOTS of eating, and whatever else comes our way! KAH!

In more ordinary news, I have been training for my new job as an hourly counselor at a local community college. It is an overwhelming overload of information but I am hopeful it will start to make sense soon and I will be of some use in my position. Noah and I love his new baby-sitter and he is doing great there. In fact, she took these pics for me!

I could swear that Noah is sleeping 1 to 2 hours less per day than he did in WV. I have been working hard to get some balance and he is doing better. When he gets overtired, it is downright UGLY!

Now, we just have to get everything packed and wrap up the last minute stuff (pedicure, waxing, spray tans...) and we're outta here! Sayonara! I am officially on blog hiatus!