Monday, February 17, 2014

Gray at 8 Months

I totally slacked off. I skipped over the 7 month post.  Blame it on trying to get settled into a new house and life. :)  Suffice it to say, we did some "cry it out" and after about a week, we got the little guy sleeping much more reasonably.  He now sleeps from about 7:00 pm to around 5:00 am.  Then he has a bottle and goes back to sleep until usually around 7:00 am.  We still do a 9:30 pm bottle.  Naps are not so good, 2 a day, often wakes up after only 30 minutes, but maybe we're getting there. :)

I love this age!  Right at 8 months, milestones started happening.  He started crawling and quickly began pulling up on everything.  He is now an expert at getting around and loves standing up in his crib! :)  On his 8 month birthday, he got his very first tooth, the front bottom left, followed the front bottom right just two or three days later.  With the arrival of the chompers, this boy has suddenly become a fan of the pacifier!  I may regret it later, but it sure helps with the whinies.  The crazy, baby-chick, faux-hawk is sadly starting to lay down but the big baby blues are shining bright.

Now that Gray is a little more independent, he and Noah are beginning to have some of their first playing together experiences.  Gray is SO delighted when Noah takes the time to stop and do things with him.  Sometimes Noah likes to show Gray things on the iPad (lasts about 5 seconds), or practice their crawling skills together, or share a toy with him (just one), or build tents together.  Sometimes these moments just melt my heart.  Today for instance, Gray bumped his head and was crying and I explained to Noah that Gray was feeling a little sad.  Noah thought for a moment and then asked what he could do to make him feel happy.  I suggested a song and dance but Noah pulled out all the stops and got out his old guitar to perform an entire silly routine for him.  And Gray loves his brother's silliness.

Our Gray is back to his happy, charming little self.  He never meets a stranger, but still holds a special place for mama in his heart.  ;)  He is one busy little fellow and very demanding.  I picked him up from the church nursery last Sunday and the couple watching him remarked that he must be quite a handful!  I laughed.  This is the kid who can simultaneously pull your hair, bite your face, claw your neck, and punch you in the windpipe.  No kidding.

Finally got some more pictures made!  Enjoy this handsome devil.

Here I come, folks.

It was difficult to get a simple sitting up shot!

I steal those kisses all day long ;)

I love this dead on look of mischievousness.

This is 100% our Gray.