Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Little Punkins

Got some pics of my skeletal sweeties in the pumpkins that a little church in Cedar Park puts out every year.  Oh, the cuteness.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Fun!

The first weekend in October was a lovely one!  A cold front blew in on Saturday and made the weather wonderful and the October skies brilliant. :)

Mimi and Papa came in to watch Noah play soccer and go to the pumpkin patch at Sweet Berry Farm with us.

Gray enjoys soccer too.

We picked up Storm burgers and had a picnic at the farm.

We love the babywearing.

So beautiful out there.  Reminds me a little of WV. :)

First dirty feet!

I laughed so hard.  Noah sat down next to Gray, who was chewing a teether, with his Halloween Oreo dessert.  Gray looked so intensely at those cookies, looking back and forth between them and his yummy plastic chew toy.

Help a brother out, man!

The boys and their Papa shirts.

Here's to more fun fall weekends ahead!  October begins my favorite time of year!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Gray at 4 Months

 Pardon so many pictures, but I just can't stand all the cuteness!!  I could just eat this kid up, everyday.  He is a blue-eyed, blond-fuzzed, precious chub-a-love.  Happy, happy, happy.

Gray still hasn't picked up his "stranger-danger" senses and is absolutely delighted to charm anyone who looks his way.  Yesterday, we noticed how long his tongue is, as he started the "Gene Simmons" face!  So funny, need to capture a picture of that.

All of the issues:  His tummy seemed to be doing better until I fudged on the diet last weekend a bit.  Now I've been seeing blood again in the poop.  Basically, I need to stop eating out because its difficult to know what you are eating, unless you go to a place that posts allergen info or knows their menu really, really well and is willing to accommodate you.  We go back to the gastroenterologist next week.  In the month of September, Gray had at least 2 colds and a stomach bug, all probably brought home by big brother.  Since then, sleep is totally off at night.  Getting ready to try some new things the pediatrician recommended, since clearly our young man does not need the extra feedings.  Mama is tired!

Being this cute is such hard work, Mama.

A good shot of the fuzz.

The stats

Comparison shots of Jeremy and I.  Mine is at 4 months, and I suspect his is somewhere close.