Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shoe Love

Jeremy is busy instilling his love of expensive, cultural-icon, albeit ugly (to me, anyway) athletic shoes in the hearts and minds of his sons.

Presenting the Barclay men and their Jordans.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Noah's First Soccer Class

Yes, I would like to bore you with pictures of a four-year-olds soccer class. :)

Noah is wearing his new soccer practice clothes in these pics.  You'll notice the green shirt.  And we have a green soccer ball at home, along with portable goals, for him to practice with.  Because green is his favorite. :)

He is all set to learn the basics before we throw him into a league with no idea what he's doing!  And he had so much fun.

Hanging with his buddy, Liam, and Coach Emily.

Looking forward to more classes, with cooler weather!  Classes run up until Thanksgiving.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Splish, Splash, This, and That

In July, my mom and niece, Madison, came down to visit for a couple of days.  Here are some of the pictures she took :)

A little splashing and sliding at The Quarry.

The neighborhood pool.  It was actually almost chilly out that evening...bizarre!

Cool new floatie device. :)

Bouncing at JumpStreet.

Mimi took them on "the commuter train" all the way downtown and walked to the Austin Children's Museum.  (Which closed its doors last weekend in preparation to open a new facility in a few months.  But no more taking the train to get there.)  It also rained cats & dogs & chickens this day, so everyone was drenched.

Making fun of my parking.  So what?

The Gray-bean has changed so much since 7 weeks old!

Gray at 3 Months

Our boy is growing like a weed.  Or maybe more like a large tree.  :)  As of yesterday, he is 16 pounds and moving into 6 month sizes.  We're about to move into size 3 Pampers Swaddlers as well.  He is sleeping better, most nights only getting me up once or twice a night.  We're still struggling with spending at least an hour every night trying to get him to fall asleep and stay asleep.  Evenings are hard for this guy.  He tends to be fussy, tired, and really hard to get down.  Sometimes, I just put him in the Ergo or K'tan (baby carriers) and bounce him around until he falls asleep.  He loves babywearing!  And so do I.  I'll be sad when he's too heavy for it!  The rest of the day he's normally pretty happy, easygoing guy who has learned the value of just hanging out. :)  Gray loves playing with Daddy and being held by Mommy.  And he thinks Noah is a pretty cool dude.

Gray does great when he and I go grocery shopping.  He hangs out in the carrier, just looking around for a while, then passes out for a nice little nap.  I love it when he laughs in his sleep.  I also love that he smiles with his whole body and has a well-defined dimple in his left cheek, with another slight one on the right.  His eyes are still bright blue most of the time, but occasionally look a little grey, depending on the light.  He has some blond fuzz on his head and still a little of the darker newborn hair that hasn't fallen out yet.

We're also still struggling with the food allergy.  I have been off of dairy and soy for the last month but he continues to have issues with reflux, diaper rash, blood in his stool, and a rash on his face. At his follow-up appointment we were referred to a gastroenterologist and Mommy has been trying (mostly in vain and fury) to collect poop from his diapers to send off to the lab.  The diet restrictions are tricky...and are about to get worse!  I have a hard time finding things to eat at restaurants since many places do not post allergen info.  I have a new respect for those with food allergies and all the label reading they do!  I am pleased to have found out how cool Natural Grocers is, even if it adds an extra grocery shopping trip to my week!

Gray still mostly detests his car seat. :)

Okay, now I feel like I have recorded, for posterity, all those little things you quickly forget!

Noah built gray his very own tent.

Loves having his diapers changed.

Loves bath time...(and watching himself in the mirror)

....but HATES getting out!

Hanging out in Noah's "clubhouse" with Papa.