Sunday, February 26, 2012

He Is Not Immune...

First, some pics of Noah at one of local Jump places with his sweet little friend, Beck. They had a blast jumping together! A little tough to capture well with a camera, but you get the idea.

If you've been keeping up lately, you may remember that Noah has been sick quite a bit the last few months. His pediatrician and ENT opted to do a surgery. So, on February 13, Noah had surgery (a very minor procedure) to remove his adenoids and balloon open his sinuses. They also took blood while he was unconcious to do some testing on his immune system. The ENT reported removing some very thick mucus from his sinuses that had probably been there for a while. He also reported that Noah's adenoids were large, estimated in the 80th percentile and were probably helping to hold the mucus in there and cause infections.

He did not enjoy the process one bit (including hitting walls, throwing fits for the staff, and ripping out his IV in a drugged-out rage) but about an hour after, we offered him some donuts and this seemed to make things much better. At least he was willing to get off Mommy's lap and allowed Daddy to come near again. :)

Snapped these pics late that afternoon.

On the 24th, I received a call from the pediatrician regarding the blood work. I don't have a diagnosis or clear understanding of this, but Noah's immunoglobulin G levels are low. The online explanation that Jeremy's dad found makes perfect sense with Noah's history, so it is the best info I have right now. We have to go in for another blood draw this week (Yes, the 4th time. So frustrating.), which I am dreading, then we go to see a pediatric immunologist 2-3 weeks later to look at those results. This whole ordeal makes me so sad for Noah. He has now been sick 8 different times since October and is currently battling another cold. I feel like everytime we take him out to a public place, we are putting him at risk to feel awful again.

God is good and I am confident in His healing and His plan for all of this. We give him the glory and would appreciate your prayers!

A Weekend with Mamaw and Papaw

The weekend of February 18, we met Jeremy's parents in Lewisville at our new favorite hotel for a weekend visit, since we had not seen them since Christmas. I am so proud that I remembered to take my camera and managed to capture a few cute pics. :)

We ate out, visited The Village Church, saw a couple of sweet old friends, and Noah got lots of time playing with (and entertaining) his precious grandparents. He is so blessed to have four wonderful ones in his life, who love him so well. And Jeremy and I are super grateful for it.

The only snaffoo of the weekend was Noah waking up at 11pm on Saturday night, out of the blue, and throwing up everywhere. :( Then he was awake til around 3am and woke back up at 6am. Needless to say, Mommy & Daddy were a bit zapped, but very thankful that it wasn't any worse than that! He seemed to enjoy the rest of our visit anyway!

We love and appreciate you, Mamaw and Papaw!

Friday, February 17, 2012

"I've Got a Song in My Tummy..."

"...and it wants to come out!" This title really has no bearing on this post, its just a cute Laurie Berkner song that Noah has been singing and strumming to lately. Or, as he sings it, "Song, tummy, come out!" :) This is Noah and his buddy, Adam, playing in a tent at his babysitter's house.

Noah had his surgery on February 13th. We arrived at the hospital at about 5:50am (yuck!) and they got started shortly after 7:00. Noah displayed his disdain for all medical professionals by kicking, screaming, and hitting the walls, but the staff reported that they gassed him quickly and found him to be very compliant while knocked out. :) The ENT came in and reported that everything went well. He removed Noah's large adenoids (estimated them to be in the 80th percentile) and cleared out some "really thick mucus" that has been in there for who knows how long, and ballooned his sinuses to make them larger and more open. Noah woke up disoriented and really angry about it, which is normal, but was better within an hour, especially after being given donuts. Jeremy and I both thought his pronunciation sounded a bit clearer right away.

The only real difficulty he's had has been feeling like he might have a low-grade fever and some serious constipation, probably from the Tylenol with codeine. Poor guy. He told his babysitter, "It's stuck!" Up until a few weeks ago, Noah was going through one of his great sleeping phases but suddenly decided that he only needs to nap every other day, and if he does nap, he is awake at night until 10 or 11:00. I am seriously dreading the idea that he may just be one of those few kids that gives up naps really early. (Sheesh, he's not even 3 yet!) So far I have not seen much improvement in his sleep patterns but am slightly hopeful that once all the kinks get worked out, these will be restored as well. Such is life with Noah. :)

Thanks for all the prayers and love! At the end of this month, Noah also starts his evaluation with Leander ISD to see what early learning services he may qualify for due to speech needs. My baby will go to a real live elementary school every morning for 4 hours for a week! Then they will decide whether he qualifies for the preschool program, how much he needs to go, or if he just needs to come for speech therapy alone. I will try not to cry when I leave.

We also have to gear up to celebrate a little someone's THIRD birthday, which I cannot believe! I am really looking forward to our upcoming vacation, however, I can't wish the time away that I have left being able to call him "my two-year-old!"

Saturday, February 4, 2012

We Are the Dinosaurs!

If you've never had the pleasure of seeing "We Are the Dinosaurs" you must be missing out because it is all the rage at our house. Here is Noah jamming out.

Sorry its a little long. He has really gotten into it lately, watching himself in the mirror while he watches the video on the ipad and perfects his performance. I think the odds of Noah being musically gifted are pretty slim genetically, but he sure does love it! I'm afraid that someday we'll be that family, waiting backstage to console him when he doesn't get his golden ticket to Hollywood. ;)