Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Noah's first Thanksgiving! We celebrated our first holiday in West Virginia without any of our family and did pretty well for ourselves, I must say. The only tears occured because we ate way too much!

I spent the morning trying to feel the spirit of things by watching a little Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, much to Jeremy's chagrin. We also watched the dog show, and Noah enjoyed seeing all the puppies.

Our new friends, Paula and Colin, were kind enough to invite us over for dinner, and then completely spoiled us with the best meal ever! We had turkey, green beans and mashed potatoes from their garden, and homemade bread. I made my favorite sweet potato casserole, and a pumpkin pie for the first time. Of course, I burned both of them, but just a little. Different cooking temps and all. :) We also brought a can of the traditional cranberry sauce that I must have. Noah enjoyed a little pumpkin from the can, sweet potatoes, green beans, and mashed potatoes! For dessert, I ever gave him a taste of my pumpkin pie! We had a great time.

I'm in a little bit of mourning today for Black Friday. It is, after all, my third favorite holiday. Since we are limited to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Lowe's here in Lewisburg, and because there is no way I'll wake Noah up at 4am, we skipped the crazy shopping this year.

Now that we have lived in our home sweet hotel for one month, I am becoming increasingly anxious to move into our house. We can hardly wait!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Seven Months Old!

Noah celebrated his seventh month birthday as a West Virginian...well sort of. As much as living in a West Virginia hotel counts.

No stats this month. No teeth either. And if you had asked me a few months ago, I would've sworn our busy bee would be crawling by now. He sure tries hard to fly though...or swim. Eventually he'll figure out that he is not going to sprout any wings or fins and will take off crawling. He is very ticklish on his sides and gives hugs around the neck and open-mouthed kisses. :)

Everyone who meets Noah always comments about what a happy baby he is. And he is very happy. He is such a cheerful, social little guy, unless he's really tired or something doesn't feel good.

Noah has started with a new babysitter a couple of mornings a week to give his mommy a sanity break. :) She was recommended to us as "the best babysitter in town." Each time after I picj him up, she tells me, "He sure likes to be held!" Meaning that she has to let him cry a lot so that she can take care of other kids, which is inconvenient. I wanted to say, "Don't you know he's a precious angel!" but what I really said was, "I know. He's a little high maintenance." Hopefully it will work itself out.
I will leave you with a little ray of sunshine:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mad Mommy Moments

I think I need to start a series of posts with the aforementioned title.

Today's Mad Mommy Moment (brought to you by the harebrained Amy Barclay and son Noah): Tuesdays with Fran.

Today I was invited by my new friends to go to Carnegie Hall in downtown Lewisburg at noon to hear a lady play piano.

We started off the day great since I had to wake Noah up at 7:10am! Yay! Except that maybe this threw him off somehow because it turned out to be one of those rotten, "no nap" days where its difficult to get him to fall or stay asleep.

To preface our little adventure of the day, Noah was spitting up everything he ate, fussing (tummy trouble I think), clawing at my face, digging his nails into my skin, and yanking my hair. I spend 30 minutes getting him down for his morning nap, which lasts only 20 minutes. Because of all this, I decide not to meet my friends for lunch because we cannot possibly arrive on time and in two complete pieces. I finally get us ready and out the door. No time to grab my bag lunch.

I drive downtown, and thinking that I am a smart Texas driver, decide to turn the empty parking spaces on the corner into my own personal turning lane. The problem was that so did two other cars in front of me. Oh wait. No. They aren't using my turning lane. They are parking in these spaces in front of me. After I finally get out of the little traffic jam I have created, we arrive at Carnegie Hall and dash inside, just in time. (Really, can I ever just be on time for something? Khristina will never invite me anywhere again since I am late everytime!)

I have to stop and mention that piano-playing Fran is a very small, hobbit-like, possibly Jewish woman with lots of wild, gray hair. She was dwarfed by the piano. She explained the history of each piece she played. Fran was accompanied by an elderly couple dancing the tango. Seriously. It was oddly cute.

As soon as we sit down, I realize that Noah has "dropped a deuce" as we like to say in the Barclay household. I decide to wait since its only a 30 minute program. However, after 15 minutes I can't stand the embarrassing smell anymore and look for a place to change him. There are no places to change a baby in Carnegie Hall. Go figure. I head to the car, only to discover I am out of wipes and will have to wait to until I get home.

Top it all off with a hungry, overtired baby who screams while I try to clean up his poop, make his lunch, and get him down for an afternoon nap that only lasts about 40 minutes. Right now, I am laughing at him laying on his tummy, chuckling and grunting, and he tries to figure out how to swim toward the balls in the distance that he cannot reach. It doesn't help that he is somehow managing to go backward.

You win some, you lose some.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Homeless and Unemployed

The search for a new home continues....

The Barclays have visited pretty much every house in Lewisburg that is for sale within our price range. After expanding that range a bit, we found a place we loved: great neighborhood, easy access to work for Jeremy, plenty of space, nicely updated...

But the owners took it off the market after receiving our offer. (I believe they were so discouraged by Jeremy's lowball offer, which I repeatedly argued against, that they gave up on selling the place.) I suppose it's not meant to be, but this is what I HATE about trying to buy a house. Falling for a place and then not getting it. It happened more than once before we bought our last house. Then you end up buying something out of desperation, that isn't exactly what you want. Sigh. The fun part is getting to tour so many houses and point out all your likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a place that is absolutely everything you want.

We are surviving the hotel pretty well, it just gets a little boring. We are blessed to have made some new friends who are sweet to help entertain and keep us busy! Every morning I go down to get a coffee (I have long since given up on the breakfast buffet) and to steal cartons of milk to re-stock my mini-fridge. I am putting all those lost pounds back on with the eating out for lunch and dinner everyday. :( Although we are considering joining a gym that has child care and yoga classes, so there is still hope for my waistline.

Being unemployed is not too bad. If I come across a part-time gig, I might just take it. I think I have found a new babysitter to watch Noah a couple of mornings a week and give me a break. My sanity needs it! Noah has been doing better with his naps, sometimes going for an hour and twenty minutes by himself, or even two and a half hours if I lie down with him. Still hit or miss though. Sometimes its only twenty minutes. :)

This has been the latest report from Camp Barclay. Over and out.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Halloween

...Last week :)

We attended a carnival put on by the hospital and introduced Noah to a few new friends! It was sort of wet and cold but he made the cutest glowworm ever!